Monitoring analytics has allowed us to consistently optimize Dr. Lam’s digital platforms like SEO, social media, and website conversions. Seeing thousands of users a month, Dr. Lam has the ability to target specific demographics in his local area. We track similar data on Dr. Lam’s social media accounts, which gives us the ability to see the content his viewers are engaged with and what they want to see.

We have helped Dr. Lam create a large following in the Langhorne/Bucks County areas prioritizing content creation, search engine optimization, design, and marketing strategy. As web visitors continue to rise, Lam Plastic Surgery has gone from a social media feed layered with stock footage to custom content shot in office. It has given Dr. Lam an approachable appearance, allowing customers to see themselves as patients before the first call!

Client Testimonial

Dr. Benjamin Lam
Owner, Lam Plastic Surgery

I started working with the Herd about a year ago, and they are a breath of fresh air. My experience with them is like day and night compared with my previous agency. I recommend The Herd team with the highest regard. They are professional, efficient, easy to work with and above all, honest.