Giving Back

Give a Sheep

We proudly support Heifer International, an organization that empowers families in developing countries. Our contributions help provide livestock, as well as essential training in sustainable agriculture and business practices, enabling these families to build thriving local economies. We believe that empowering others to sustain themselves is the best way to create herds—and hope—worldwide.
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How it Works

Heifer International collaborates directly with communities, delivering not only livestock but also education in sustainable practices. Many people around the world lack access to basic necessities such as food, shelter, clean water, education, and healthcare. Our support for Heifer’s initiatives means investing in the potential for lasting community transformation. If you're inspired and want to help, learn more on this page about how to Give a Sheep or contact us for further information.
Goal: $12000



Bringing "Shear" Joy

Sheep are remarkably resilient animals, capable of thriving in the harshest environments from rocky hillsides to arid plains, providing:
  • Milk & Nutrition: Essential for family health.
  • Education & Training: Skills for future self-reliance.
  • Community Sustainability: Empowering entire communities to improve their quality of life.
  • Clothing & Blankets: From their wool, helping to keep families warm.
  • Fertilizer: Enhancing crop yields naturally.
  • Dependable Income: Through the sale of wool and other sheep products.

Heifer International

Operating in 21 countries, Heifer International partners with local farmers and business owners to foster economic growth and sustainability. By providing livestock and training, they help communities move towards a more secure and prosperous future.