As Covid-19 was approaching, we had to figure out a way for Bittersweet to continue their business with the restaurant closed. Since they had no online ordering or delivery partners we worked together to develop a strategy that would highlight their menu and values, while allowing customers to order online. We wanted the web design layout to emphasize the food and new online ordering option. From here we did a photo shoot to gather high quality images to make viewing the food easy when ordering online. Then we placed all these assets into an online store that gives customization options for all the menu items. Within the first weekend of launching the new site online orders exploded and have continued ever since!

Client Testimonial

Michelle West
Owner, Bittersweet Kitchen

The folks at The Herd were so wonderful to work with. Not only did they give us a stylish website with seamless on-line ordering functionality, but they held my hand through the whole process. Our homegrown small business has always relied on a Mom and Pop feel and they provided a really attractive website that still fits our simple aesthetic. They also challenged us to accept that a younger demographic really demands more from a website than we previously understood. They made us more current and hipper, which helps us reach a more youthful crowd. We are really grateful for the boost in such a challenging business climate.