Eva + Avo

Livia Brito Campaign

Eva + Avo, a rising skincare brand, tasked our agency with producing a comprehensive media campaign featuring model and actress Olivia Brito. The project demanded a high-impact visual presentation, executed over an intense three-day shoot in Miami, involving complex logistics such as location scouting, staffing, and content creation under tight deadlines.

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The objective was to create a visually stunning assets that highlight the unique qualities of Eva + Avo's skincare products, using the backdrop of Miami and the allure of Olivia Brito. Our challenge was to convey the brand’s essence through luxurious imagery and dynamic video content that resonated with a sophisticated audience.




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To meet the campaign goals, we organized a 15+ person team to handle every detail meticulously—from scouting the ideal Miami location with a pool on the water to coordinating props and arranging travel for our staff on short notice. With a limited 12 hour production day, we needed to capture a mix of media that included a TV commercial, 80 marketing photos, and 6 Instagram reels, each designed to showcase the brand’s premium positioning and the lifestyle it embodies.

Our team expertly managed transitions between a TV commercial, still photography, and Instagram reels, ensuring a unified aesthetic across all media. This packed schedule demanded meticulous coordination among creative directors, photographers, videographers, and hair/makeup/clothing stylists, along with support staff. Together, we worked in perfect harmony to maintain consistency and uphold quality throughout this challenging day.