For six years, we have produced a series of marketing videos for Lennar, a national home construction and real estate company. These videos are crafted to showcase the high-quality homes and the attractive lifestyles offered in Lennar's communities, enhancing the company's brand visibility and market appeal.

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Lennar faces the challenge of distinguishing their properties in saturated markets. Our goal is to create engaging content to not only display the craftsmanship of Lennar's homes but also the appeal of surrounding areas. By capturing the essence of the communities—ranging from local schools and attractions to neighbor experience—we aim to provide a holistic view of living in a Lennar home.


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Working in close partnership with Lennar, we have created a series of engaging and informative videos that highlight both the quality of Lennar’s homes and the vibrant communities around them. The videos combined high-quality production with creative storytelling to capture the essence of Lennar's communities.

The marketing videos significantly enhanced Lennar's brand awareness and helped to attract more potential buyers to their developments. The videos are instrumental in visualizing the lifestyle benefits of Lennar homes, used in advertising across social media platforms.


Jennifer A
Marketing Director, Lennar
The Herd has been great to work with for many years. They have helped us to cover over 10 communities in more than 3 states.