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Made For This

Interim HealthCare initiated the 'Made For This' campaign to attract compassionate individuals from sectors affected by government shutdowns. The campaign emphasized that a background in healthcare isn't necessary to make a meaningful impact as a caregiver, highlighting the inherent qualities essential for success in the field.

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The campaign was designed to resonate with individuals facing career crossroads, emphasizing that a background in healthcare was not necessary—only a desire to care for others. It positioned the caregiving profession as a calling inherent to one’s character, ideal for those with the innate ability to serve and support community members in need.


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"Made For This" was rolled out nationally with a strategic focus in five major cities, utilizing over 50 custom videos and diverse graphics to engage a wide audience. The multi-channel approach included targeted social media campaigns, digital ads, and localized promotional events, ensuring comprehensive market penetration and audience engagement.

The campaign significantly boosted recruitment, filling crucial staffing gaps and enhancing Interim HealthCare's industry presence. It successfully attracted a new workforce by redefining the perception of healthcare careers, leading to a surge in applications and heightened brand engagement, particularly in the targeted cities.


Carolina Lobo
I have worked with The Herd for since 2020. They have been with me through two different Chief Marketing Officer roles, at two different Fortune 500 healthcare companies. The flexibility in their work and billing styles, as well as the constantly amazing results they produce has made them a constant in all my projects and a great consulting partner.