Member Stories

Accolade, a rapidly expanding healthcare company in the United States with over ten million members as of January 2024, enlisted our services to capture and share the powerful stories of its members. This project involved traveling across the country to produce a series of documentary-style videos, highlighting the profound impact of Accolade's services during critical health events.

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The primary challenge was to document the heartfelt stories of Accolade members—defined as individuals who utilized the service during a health crisis—and to visually demonstrate the value of Accolade's services to corporate clients. This required meticulous planning, scheduling, and a deep understanding of the members' experiences to authentically capture their narratives.



Our approach was to create documentary-style videos that featured first-person accounts from Accolade members and insights from employees. By conducting interviews and capturing footage across five states, totaling 16,864 miles traveled, we were able to vividly portray the personal and transformative experiences of the members, thereby illustrating the supportive role Accolade plays during critical health challenges.

The video series was used to enhance the understanding of Accolade's Fortune 500 clients about the individual impact behind vast employee numbers. This emotionally resonant documentary series successfully connected with corporate viewers, vividly demonstrating the benefits of Accolade’s healthcare services and reaffirming their commitment to meaningful care.


Eddy Henry
Chief of Brand, Accolade
As our organization has strived to become more efficient, The Herd Agency has become our go-to resource for video/digital creative and production. Their ability to provide a superior product on budget and schedule has made them indispensable to our success. When there is a deadline stampede and you're video and digital productions are headed for the cliff, The Herd Agency will head disaster off at the pass and produce a product that your brand can be proud of. We're very pleased with the work and happy to be partners with The Herd Agency.