Roast + Chop

Two years after opening, Roast + Chop, a quick-serve restaurant offering healthy alternatives to fast food, faced stagnant sales and sought to invigorate its brand. Our agency was tasked with transforming their image to attract the local community, enhance customer retention, and expand their catering program. We implemented a comprehensive marketing strategy under the new tagline "Local, Natural, Sustainable," emphasizing their commitment to eco-friendly practices and quality ingredients, ultimately revitalizing their brand and boosting operational success.

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Our campaign was built around Roast + Chop's commitment to "Local, Natural, Sustainable" principles. We overhauled their branding to highlight local sourcing, natural farming practices, and sustainable operations. This involved a complete redesign of their visual identity, including graphics, menu designs, and the creation of new promotional materials that reflected these core values.


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The rebranding was supported by a robust marketing rollout that included updated photography and video for their website and social media, a redesigned online ordering platform, and integration with major online ordering services. We initiated a social media influencer program targeting local college communities, which involved compensating influencers free meals in exchange for promotional content.

The comprehensive marketing efforts led to a dramatic increase in Roast + Chop’s market presence, resulting in a 40% rise in store sales year over year. The success of the campaign was further acknowledged through a bonus awarded by Roast + Chop for the significant sales increase. Additionally, the social media influencer program expanded their following by over 4,000, significantly boosting their online engagement and customer base.


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Steve Heittenger
Owner - Roast + Chop
I hear all the time, you only have one location? This a testament to the Roast + Chop brand designed by The Herd. They have been with me every step of the marketing journey – strategy through implementation. The Herd is in constant communication with me, updating my website, fine-tuning my messaging, creating graphic and menu designs, managing social media, generating customer incentives, growing our loyalty program, mass emailing customers, and overseeing all of my advertising and print budgets. We now have marketing that competes with the national QSR brands!