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Difference Is Home

Interim Healthcare's "Difference is Home" campaign aimed to showcase the profound impact of home healthcare through personal experiences of patients across five care categories. Highlighted by a neighborhood map and real-life patient stories, this campaign was designed to illuminate the benefits of receiving care in a familiar, comfortable setting and strengthen local understanding of Interim’s services.

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The campaign centered around the idea that home, as a place of comfort and familiarity, plays a critical role in the effectiveness of healthcare. By using a neighborhood map to depict various patients receiving care in proximity to each other, the campaign illustrated that quality healthcare at home is a widespread yet often invisible thread among community members. This concept was reinforced with the tagline "The Difference is Home," emphasizing that home is not just a location, but a key component of healthcare that enhances quality of life.


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To bring this concept to life, we conducted extensive interviews with patients from five key areas of care: pediatric, hospice, adult nursing, home health, and senior care. These stories were then depicted through detailed videos, each focusing on a different aspect of care but unified by the shared setting of their own homes. The neighborhood map served as a visual anchor, connecting the stories and highlighting the community aspect of the service. This multi-dimensional approach aimed to personalize and demystify home healthcare.

The campaign effectively increased public awareness and understanding of home healthcare's benefits. By integrating real patient stories with compelling visuals, it helped humanize and de-stigmatize home care services, leading to greater community engagement and appreciation. The detailed portrayal of each care category not only informed viewers but also deeply connected with them, increasing inquiries and trust in Interim Healthcare’s services. The success of this approach was reflected in enhanced client satisfaction and an expanded patient base.


Carolina Lobo
CMO, Interim HealthCare
The folks at The Herd were so wonderful to work with. Not only did they give us a stylish website with seamless on-line ordering functionality, but they held my hand through the whole process. Our homegrown small business has always relied on a Mom and Pop feel and they provided a really attractive website that still fits our simple aesthetic. They also challenged us to accept that a younger demographic really demands more from a website than we previously understood. They made us more current and hipper, which helps us reach a more youthful crowd. We are really grateful for the boost in such a challenging business climate.