Dr. Benjamin Lam

Lam Plastic Surgery

Dr. Lam, has over 20 years of experience and numerous accolades in his field. Despite his credentials, potential patients often felt intimidated by the prospect of surgical procedures. Over the past five years, our marketing campaigns have aimed to demystify surgical processes and personalize Dr. Lam’s approach to patient care, making his services more accessible and less daunting.

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The core challenge was to soften the clinical and often impersonal perception of plastic surgery to humanize Dr. Lam. We focused on making prospective patients feel assured and informed about Dr. Lam’s practice before even stepping into his office.

The Concept


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We enhanced Lam Plastic Surgery's digital presence by blending photo and video content to make the practice more welcoming. Our multimedia efforts alleviate patient concerns and highlight Dr. Lam’s compassionate care. Complementing this, our focused digital marketing strategy boosted web traffic through SEO, increased social media following by over 1500, and enhanced user experience with superior website design. These efforts collectively strengthen Dr. Lam’s online visibility and reputation.

Lam Plastic Surgery has seen significant digital growth and increased engagement. Our SEO strategies have effectively increased annual web traffic to approximately 9,000 clicks, with the site now attracting over 1,500 unique users each month. On social media, Dr. Lam’s presence has expanded by more than 1,650 followers, with his video content averaging about 250 views per post. These efforts have significantly boosted his visibility and solidified his reputation as a leading cosmetic and reconstructive surgery provider.



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Benjamin Lam
Owner, Lam Plastic Surgery
The Herd has been an integral part of my practice for several years. They have helped me grow my website and social media following, but on top of that, they have branded me as one of the top plastic surgeons in the area.