Roast + Chop needed to gain more traction online. With competitors like Jimmy John’s and Smashburger right next store we knew one thing, Roast + Chop’s food was healthier… and in our opinion tastier. We used Roast + Chop’s media spending budget and reallocated it to more pro-active technologies: Yelp, where they already had high reviews, DoorDash, who had a huge online ordering presence in the area, and Facebook/Instagram where we were drawing in a large following. With the high quality photo and video shot at Roast + Chop, the next step was telling their story to customers online. Once people came in to the store they never looked back. After revising the media and buying strategy Roast + Chop saw increasing quarterly sales of 30% and 40%.

We started with Roast + Chop when they came to us to do an investment video. When they expressed issues with their social media and website, we quickly jumped in to assist. Quickly after, Roast + Chop made us their marketing partner. Our focus for Roast + Chop was to stick to the tagline: Local, Natural & Sustainable. Locally, we gave back by hosting several events with neighborhood charities, schools and organizations in the local area. Natural, entailed telling the stories of the owners and their passion for the best ingredients. Sustainable spoke to the practices of Roast + Chop, using only grass fed meats and recyclable materials. Their mission combined with their look, digital presence, and ease of ordering (online and in-store) has made them a fan favorite across the Philadelphia region!

Client Testimonial

Steve Hettinger
Owner, Roast + Chop

I hear all the time, you only have one location? This a testament to the Roast + Chop brand designed by The Herd. They have been with me every step of the marketing journey – strategy through implementation. The Herd is in constant communication with me, updating my website, fine-tuning my messaging, creating graphic and menu designs, managing social media, generating customer incentives, growing our loyalty program, mass emailing customers, and overseeing all of my advertising and print budgets. We now have marketing that competes with the national QSR brands!